Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems

A mini split system (also known as ductless systems) is a two part system in which half the system is outside and the other half is inside. The unit that gets installed outside is called a condenser (cooling models only) or heat pump (for units that cool and heat). The part that gets installed inside your house on a wall is called an air handler. The temperature is set and changed by a remote control. The systems can operate up to four air handlers depending on the model of the unit. Each air handler is normally referred to as a "zone". mini split system - condenser, air handler and remoteMini split systems are high efficiency heating and cooling systems that don't require ductwork. These systems can be installed in a number of places such as room additions, offices, converted attics, data storage rooms where temperature control is required, finished basements, or wherever ductwork cannot be installed.

Advantages of a Mini Split System

* The units are small in size and can heat or cool indivdual rooms. Many units can support up to four indoor zones which are all connected to the one outdoor unit. * Because each of the rooms will have their own thermostat, you will only need to turn on the unit when someone is in the room. This will save money and energy. * Mini split systems are ductless so they are easier to install. The hook up between the indoor and outdoor units normally require just a 3" hole through the wall for the conduit to go through. * Since mini splits don't use ducts, they don't have the associated loss of energy through ducts like those of central heating & air units which can lose up to 30%. * Unlike window A/C units that take away from your view and provide a way for an intruder to gain access to your home. Mini split systems mount on a wall with just a 3" hole.


* The primary disadvantage is the cost of the unit. These systems can cost around $1,000 per ton (12,000 BTU's) of cooling capacity. This is over twice the cost of window air conditioner units of the same cooling size.

What does a mini split system look like?

Below are some pictures of what a mini split system looks like. The part that gets installed inside your house can be mounted directly on your wall and unlike window air conditioner units don't take up window space and are much quieter.

Here is a picture of the general installation of a mini split system. With the condenser or heat pump installed outside and the air handler unit installed on a wall in the home. A 3" hole is put through the wall so the conduit can run through to connect the units together.

Close up picture of condenser installed outside the home.

Air handler unit installed on a wall in a room.

You can visit our gallery for more pictures of mini split installations we have done.

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