Attic insulation is one of the most important ways to make your home more energy efficient and shrink your utility bills dramatically. Why Insulate Your Attic? The reason is in the winter, well insulated attics block the heat from rising out of your house and in the summer it blocks the heat from coming into your house. So your AC/heater will run less than before to warm or cool your home. Using less electricity means you'll pay less on your utility bills. Research has shown that getting your attic insulated could save you up to 20% - 50% off your utility bills. Reliable Energy has more than 15 years experience in insulating attics and has helped thousands of customers save energy. As the leader in the industry, we use R-30 blown-in attic insulation, which is the method of measurement advocated by United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for Southern California Region residences. The advantages of R-30 blown-in attic insulation:
  1. Non-invasive procedure that keeps your home structure intact.
  2. Installed in an even manner to reach desired R-value.
  3. Can reach tight areas and corners of the attic.
Do you want to live in a more comfortable house while paying less money on your utility bills? Give us a call or email for a free assessment. We will provide you the best service and price on blown-in attic insulation.